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Michael M. Carrillo, Appraiser

Michael M. Carrillo (License # AR 031371) was contracted through the AMC Solidifi to complete an FHA appraisal for my client's purchase transaction.  Mr. Carrillo returned a report certifying that the property had met FHA guidelines, when in fact there was obvious termite damage and scaling paint to the home's fascia. Although Mr. Carrillo acknowledged the flaking paint in his report, he incorrectly affirmed that it did not require repair because the home was built after 1978 - which is NOT the guideline for FHA. 

Mr. Carrillo also selected inappropriate comparables and failed to make critical adjustments that resulted in an over-valuation. The subject property was compared to much larger homes with additional bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage capacity - one even featured an in-ground pool and spa.


Mr. Carrillo mis-characterized the subject's condition rating as "good," when the in fact the home was in original condition and showed obvious signs of wear-and-tear (e.g. soiled carpet, a backyard fence that was falling over, defects in the interior/exterior paint). The comparables used in his report were highly upgraded with remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, and premium hardwood/tile flooring, yet Mr. Carrillo neglected to comment or make adjustments that would have resulted in a more accurate valuation of the subject.

Mr. Carrillo may have felt he was doing the lender "a favor" by not mentioning the required repairs and inflating the property value, however this caused significant delay and frustration in the transaction.  The buyer's leverage to request repairs was compromised due to the lack of attention paid by Mr. Carrillo.

For anyone considering this appraiser as a contractor for your business, I recommend looking for another service provider.  In my opinion, the appraisal report Mr. Carrillo provided was grossly negligent at best, and could quite possibly qualify as fraudulent. 

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