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Price Your Home Properly

Acute pricing is the most important factor in getting your home sold. Homes that list too high are overlooked, and ultimately lose momentum when they sit on the market. Don't list your home with the agent that is willing to promise the highest price - the market dictates the prices, not the agent! Most homes that are priced in excess of 5% of market value don't sell until the price is reduced. Be smart and enter the market at the right price.

Use a Professional Photographer

Professional photography should be an expectation for every residential listing regardless of price. We've all seen the horrific photos take with a camera phone: dim lighting, poor angles, and the famous 'agent in the bathroom mirror' shot. Your marketing photos are what brings buyers to your home! If your agent isn't going to set up a photo shoot with a pro, move on. Great photography will make the difference!

Create Broad Market Exposure

Our MLS systems syndicate your listing to thousands of websites nationwide and shares data with licensed agents throughout the state.  Your property will get broad market exposure to millions of prospective buyers to ensure fast offers.

Make the Home Easily Accessible to Buyers

If agents can't show your home easily to their clients, you're missing opportunities to get it sold. Most showing activity happens within the first 2 weeks of your listing going live on the MLS - this is the best opportunity to find a buyer! Make sure your home can be shown easily during the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday it enters market, then set-up a showing window that allows agents to bring their buyers during the week on short-notice (11AM-2PM M-F for example).  If it can't be shown, it can't be sold! 

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